Roofing Often Results in Pain and Frustration ... It Doesn't Have To

Most people believe there is nothing more to it than just banging up some shingles.  That's because roofing systems are often designed and/or installed improperly, which can result in leaks and other damage later. Our staff and crews are professionals and we install quality composition shingles.

Finally, you can have a warranty covering both material and workmanship that is financially backed by a billion dollar shingle manufacturer as well as Good Housekeeping! Simply, there is no other warranty like it in the steep or low slope roofing products industry. The result: less risk - superior solutions!

The Best System ... Specification Available On Disk!
The Weather Stopper 5 part roofing system goes beyond keeping weather out. It is designed to provide balanced ventilation of the facility, which can help in many ways, including: a) reducing energy bills; b) preventing structural deterioration; and c) even helping to reduce premature peeling of interior and exterior paint and wallpaper.

The Best Installation ... We're Factory Trained and Certified
We're an authorized GAF installation contractor. Our entire crew is factory trained and certified! We've committed to investments to assure quality that is extremely rear in the industry. For example, our foremen participate in rigorous training in not only installation techniques, but also on how to hire, train and maintain good installers. They also are trained in project management skills and managing a safe working environment. All of our installers even go through significant training on proper installation techniques.

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