Hurricane season is officially under way.  Is your home prepared to withstand the impact of damaging, devastating storm-force winds? 

Living in this area, you know the importance of making your home as secure as possible in the path of a threatening hurricane.  And, what about the threat of ever increasing power bills?

It seems our hard-earned money is being tossed right out the window.  Wait, did someone say......Windows?

"Vinyl windows and doors are rapidly capturing a major market as today's fuel prices increase."

That's right, you would make the investment in time and money to stop the waste of your hard-earned money! Well, now you can plug a gapping, although little-thought-about, hole in your homes' gas tank...your windows! That's right, your windows! Now, I don't mean pack them in insulation and board them up, but there is help!

There are hundreds of window brands on the market today - but they're not all created equal. Many ordinary windows are designed for low cost, not for value.

Our windows, built right here in Texas, are designed for value first - the best combination for our harsh environment, of style, excellent thermal efficiency, and lasting performance at a competitive price.

America's Vinyl Windows

  • Double strength tempered glass
  • Enhanced sound reduction and UV protection.
  • Energy efficient design to help keep heating and cooling cost down.
  • Custom measured to fit your home.
  • Many styles that tilt in for easy cleaning.

The value that's built into every one of our vinyl windows has helped make them the vinyl brand most used by building professionals across the county. But that shouldn't be a surprise.

Today, Shaw Universal Roofing & Siding, LLC. offers a wide array of windows to meet the needs for replacement, remodeling, and new construction with different combinations of features - but always with the same high level of quality.

. Every window is guaranteed by the strongest warranty in the industry - a lifetime limited warranty with 5 year 'SureStart' protection.

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